Flocculants, hydrological and meteorological equipment, and products made of anodized aluminum, chemicals to neutralize odors, chemicals for disinfection rezurvuarov and pipeline agents for dust suppression.

«Company New Technologies Plus» is the exclusive representative of world manufacturers. We implement supplies and provide customer service support in the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries. The company provides an individual approach to each customer, offers integrated decisions, selects necessary reagents and the equipment, develops individual programs, provides samples for making trials, holds presentations of products, provides with all information materials.

The company products are high-quality, reliable and effective technologies, reagents and equipment for waste water treatment, flocculants, protective creams for workers hands against harmful substances. They are produced on the leading European and Russian enterprises with the application of innovative technologies and the usage of high-quality and ecological raw materials.

We recommend our flocculants Flopam of high quality for waste water treatment in municipal sector and other industrial enterprises.

«Company New Technologies Plus» is the representative of the Russian Federation, the German company OTT Hydromet - a world leader in the design and manufacture of hydrological and meteorological instruments.

Our company offers you to get acquainted with the new product on the Russian market - Herli disinfectants for disinfection of pipes, tanks, wells and other drinking and systems.

Equipment from high-anodized aluminum, ladders and steps, panel shutters, crested weirs, fences, manholes and much more for your individual drawings. Products made of anodized aluminum alloy have: high mechanical strength, easy installation, corrosion resistance (10-year warranty against rust).

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