Our suppliers

small_SNF SNF S.A.S. (France)
Is the world manufacturing leader of polymeric coagulants and flocculants.
Westrand_150 Westrand International (France)
The company produces reagents for unpleasant odors neutralization and the equipment for reagents application. Process of odor neutralization is based on the chemical reaction destroying odors, not masking or replacing with the others. Application fields: municipal plants, agriculture, pulp and paper industry, food industry.
Herli France (France)
World leader in reagents cleaning water systems: clean drinking water reservoir, sludge removal, cleaning sand filters. And the production of disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide and silver for any household systems.
Skincare (Russia)
The company is a developer and manufacturer of modern and high-quality dermatological means of Individual Protection - protective, cleansing and care creams against harmful production factors, Europe and Russia produced on the leading enterprises with the application of innovative technologies and usage of high-quality raw materials.
evonic Evonik Industries (Germany)
The chemical division of concern Evonik Industries is the world leader in advanced specialty areas of chemistry, including the production of precipitating heavy metals.
defotec DEFOTEC (Germany)
Company DEFOTEC - German manufacturer of process-chemistry - defoamers, flocculants, textile additives, flotation agents, surfactants and specialty polymers for the chemical, food, textile, paper and mining industries.?


для очистки систем водоснабжения: очистка резервуаров для питьевой воды, удаление ила, очистка песчаных фильтров. А так же производство средств для дезинфекции трубопровода, мобильных резервуаров для питьевой воды. 

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