Desinfectant Deformin DMT

DEFORMIN DMT dimethyldithiocarbamate sodium water solution

The description of a product

Structure: dimethyldithiocarbamate sodium water solution
Appearance: the Light transparent liquid

DEFORMIN DMT it is used in economic-drinking and technical water supply as a reagent warning biogrowth. For achievement of the greatest efficiency of application DEFORMIN DMT it should be entered not less than into two - three places.

In comparison with other reagents DEFORMIN DMT possesses unusually wide spectrum of action. As this means will neutralise or destroys practically any bacteria meeting in the nature and fungi or it is possible to name it not selective reagent possessing not only bacteriostatic, but also actually bactericidal action.


Way of dispensing:

Dispensing should be made, whenever possible, by means of dosing out pumps. In unusual cases when overcoming backpressure appears impossible, dispensing should be carried out by means of droppers or vessels with an exhaust outlet.

Dosing quantity:

For achievement bactericidal, the entered quantity should make actions 10-20 ppm on selection diffusion juice.

Dispensing place:

As it has already been specified, dispensing should be made in two-three places.

Because of presence of ions of iron is capable to lower efficiency DEFORMIN DMT, dosing out pipelines should be made of plastic or rubber. As soon as the product gets to a juice or water stream in view of high degree of diluting it is possible not to be afraid any more of its destroying influence on iron.

The safety precautions and prevention of accidents at manufacture plants
At performance of works with DEFORMIN DMT protection frames of hands and eyes should be used. Do not place a product near to acids and alkalis.

Storage conditions
At temperatures from +5 to +30 DEFORMIN DMT it can be stored in a warehouse not less than 12 months. As at temperatures from 0 to -3 the product hardens, it is necessary not to store it at temperature lower then 0.

The food legislation
At qualified application DEFORMIN DMT corresponds to requirements of the Law on foodstuff and articles of prime necessity (LMBG), § 11, paragraph 2, point 1 in edition from 01.01.1993, published 08.07.1993

Structure DEFORMIN DMT is based on classes of the substances listed in FDA-Regukations 21 GFR 173.320, edition from 01.04.1994

The delivery form
IBC containers is 1100 kg

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