Disinfectants Herli for pipelines, wells, tanks and other drinking and systems

herlisil «New Technologies Plus Ltd" is the official representative in Russia of the French manufacturer of disinfectants Herli France.

Disinfectant Herlisil: water distribution systems, public pipelines, wells, tanks.

Feature: liquid disinfectant consisting of hydrogen peroxide and silver.

The special properties of disinfectants Herlisil:

Ensures the destruction of bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and spores
Universal application
Neutral odor and taste
The neutrality of pH in the dosed position
Also operates in the water with salt and carbonic acid
Remains effective at water temperatures up to 90 ° C
No toxic effect in the dosage state
Inability of chemical compounds with other elements
The degradation products are harmless and do not form a breeding ground for microorganism

Tolerances ЕС:

  • Germany: DVGW W 291
  • Netherlands: Kiwa-ATA K21235
  • NL-CTB toelatingsnummer 11525 N
  • France: 91105 Minist?re de la Sant?
  • UK - Secretary of State for the Environment DWI

Herlisil disinfectants have been registered in the Russian Federation.

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