Flocculants for water treating, reagents for sewage treatment and potable water preparation. Flocculant Flopam

Flocculants are the chemical reagents used for water treating.

Flocculants are applied to clearing of industrial and natural waters. They are divided on organic and inorganic. Organic flocculants share on two important groups: synthetic and natural. Among synthetic reagents it is possible to allocate the most popular - on a basis of the polyacrylamide.

We offer a wide spectrum of flocculants: anionic, cationicе, neutral (nonionic) with various molecular weights, and as in various density of a charge .Flocculants are delivered in the form of granules, powders, water solutions and emulsion.

mixer_450-253Open Company «New Technologies Plus Company» is the official representative of Open Company «СНФ Балтреагент» in a segment of the Russian market on delivery of reagents for processing of municipal waters and sewage water of the industrial enterprises, and also carries out service of these enterprises (selection flocculants, carrying out of industrial tests, the preliminary analysis of claims of the client, equipment selection).

Open Company «СНФ Балтреагент» is Holding SPCM S.A affiliated company., France, uniting group of companies SNF which includes also company SNF S.A.S. (France).

The group of companies SNF makes a wide spectrum of polymeric flocculants for use in technologies of clearing drinking and sewage water for public utilities and the industry.

For clearing (dehydration) of municipal and industrial drains we offer cationic and anionic flocculants series FLOPAM (FO and AN accordingly) series are presented more than 150 marks of flocculants with various degree of a charge (from 0 to 95 %) various molecular weight from 2 to 26 million on the basis of various monomers. Wide assortment of cationic and anionic flocculants and our long-term experience allow to pick up the most effective flocculant for the final user taking into account the applied equipment for mechanical dehydration (tape the filter-press, centrifuges and other equipment) for concrete technological process.

Reagents are necessary for potable water preparation for inhabitants of the big cities and the industry today. The problem of water treating and its preparation for the use by the person sharply costs in the light of beginning shortage of potable water on the Earth.

We offer for preparation of potable water series of polymeric reagents FLOPAM PWG/Sep (Potable Water Grade - a potable water class). Given flocculants, anionic, cationic or non-ionogenic, are on a basis of polyacrylamide. They differ in a very low maintenance of monomeasure acrilamide (less than 250mg/kg), have various degree of a charge and optimum molecular weight. Flocullant’s series FLOPAM PWG for potable water preparation is included in «the List of materials and the reagents resolved for application in economic-drinking water supply» (MU 2). Flocullant’s series FLOPAM are successfully applied for water canals of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk and other cities, and also at the industrial enterprises.

Our experts are always ready to offer you the optimal brands of flocullant for your process and for conduction of trial tests. We look forward to your orders. Don’t hesitate contacting us by phone +7 (495) 781-92-90, we are ready to provide you with all the details.

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