Dust suppressant. Dedusting roads. Reagents for dusting.

Dust suppressant is an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic copolymer. Formed on the surface of the polymer film has excellent water-repellent properties. Especially good reagent suitable for dust suppression:

In mining and quarrying operations in
When dusting tailings MCC
When dusting of ash dumps CHP
On the open storage of ore and coal ports


Dosage reagents dust suppressant:

For efficient binding of dust on the surface of the recommended dose is 1 liter of 2% solution per square meter.

The dose may vary depending on the type of product and dust forming the work surface.


Plastic containers

20 kg

Intermediate capacity for bulk cargo

1000 kg

Other packages

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The practice of applying the means to suppress the dust of the road - the most complex version of dust suppression

Product for dust control is diluted directly into the tank (water is added to the product) 25 l diluted 5,000 liters of water. With the volume of 1 liter per square meter can be treated with a section of road in the area of ??5000 m2. Means applied even, opaque layer: with this application to achieve the desired quality formed on the road surface layer.

Method of application of dust suppression agent


side view                                                                back view


The picture shows what kind of road had to handle all passing trucks leave behind a thick cloud of dust, which is a threat to the health of vehicle drivers and local residents, as well as for the environment.

Lauer formed after the first spraying
View after the second spraying

Thin film deposited dust suppression formed on the road surface hard layer, allowing the ground to lay the dust. This thin film is to avoid raising dust up under the influence of wind. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to apply a product to the surface, if necessary, several times.

 strength of the layer
The layer thickness


As a result, the second application means longer road dust spread through the air. The following diagrams enable you to check the efficiency of the means of dust suppression. Trucks traveling on the treated road, do not take up any dust. All the fine dust particles are nailed to the ground and do not rise even when driving on the road heavy trucks. For example, by 5000 m2dorogi was applied 5,000 liters of 0.5% solution means. The dosage can be reduced as deposited layer is already dense enough to withstand the weight and speed of passing trucks. Besides product allows 5 times to reduce the number of trips watering machine (compared to treatment with plain water). This certainly reduces the processing costs of roads.


Prior to treatment

After treatment

Passage of the truck after the 2nd spraying
Passage of the truck after the third spraying


Completely prevent dust separation
Number of entries watering machine 5 times less
Lower fuel consumption
Water reduction
Through the use of less water, land road after treatment (less slippery)

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