Reagents neutralizers of hydrogen sulphide Odorflor


ODORFLO ACT 34 is the new organic catching reagent developed by company SNF s.a.s., for decrease in allocation of hydrogen sulphide H2S at water purification stations, when a hydrogen indicator pH neutral or alkaline.


At sewage treatment stations unpleasant smells not only create set of problems, but often represent danger because of hydrogen sulphide allocation (H2S).

H2S Is the most widespread poisonous gas allocated at stations of sewage treatment, it often contains in high concentration at a dehydration stage slime. Besides, hydrogen sulphide is strong rust a reagent for the equipment.

Product ODORFLO ACT 34 provides different functions which allow it to enter chemical reactions with hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan and amines, and these reactions occur very quickly and are irreversible.


  • The product in the form of a liquid is convenient for application and storage of a non-rust product
  • High efficiency on elimination H2S, mercaptan and amines.
  • Fast chemical reaction
  • High efficiency in a wide range of values of a hydrogen indicator pH.


Product ODORFLO ACT 34 is convenient for using by means of the dosing out pump. The dosage depends on level of deleted concentration H2S. Common dosage often is in a range from 10 to 30 ch/million ODORFLO ACT 34 for 1 ch/million present at air H2S. Efficiency of action can be estimated on measurements of residual maintenance H2S.


Appearance: the Pale yellow liquid
pH in the pure state at 20°C 2.0 - 3.5
Freezing temperature -14°C
Density at 20°C 1.27 g/sm3
Period of storage 6 months


With product ODORFLO ACT 34 it is necessary to use it as a little bit acid material. According to effective standards this material is not dangerous to transportation. For reception of the detailed information look at the passport of safety of a material.


Product ODORFLO ACT 34 is issued in the following standard container:

  • Plastic buckets on 25 kg;
  • Plastic barrels on 250 kg;
  • Large-sized canisters on 1200 kg (IBC).

The Company "New Technology Plus" is the official representative in Russia.

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