Reagents neutralizers of the smells: Airhitone®, Inhitone®

The Company «New Technology Plus» is exclusive representative of Westrand International.

The description:

AIRHITONE and INHITONE represent water microemulsion, containing a complex of natural and synthetic surface-active substances which chemically co-operates with components of badly-smelling substances.

AIRHITONE and INHITONE possess a pleasant smell, are not toxic and are biologically decomposed substances. This is their one of the basic advantages.

AIRHITONE and INHITONE that they are capable to neutralise an unpleasant smell from three to about five days.

AIRHITONE and INHITONE are brought by dispersion directly on the object forming an unpleasant smell, or near to such object.
Product INHITONE can be used at processing of a liquid waste by addition in industrial sewage, etc.


0,05-1 % water solution air deodorization close or over object with an unpleasant smell.

1 - 10 % water solution smell neutralisation directly on the object forming an unpleasant smell.

The product is ecologically safe. The Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion № D.008334.09.06 from 14.09.2006.


Municipal services:airhitone_3

  • Ranges for warehousing of a deposit of sewage
  • Processing of motor transport for transportation of a deposit to a warehousing place
  • Processing of a firm household waste
  • Smell elimination at emergencies on sewer networks, etc.

Agriculture and animal industries:

  • Processing of manure heaps
  • Processing of ventilating emissions of integrated poultry farms and pig-breeding farms

In life:

  • Processing of dumps, dustbins, refuse chutes
  • Processing of cellars of apartment houses
  • Processing компостных heaps and cesspools

airhitone_4The equipment:


Pneumatic sprayer with a nozzle-gun

Sprayer with the pneumatic fan and a final nozzle-gun with a corner of turn 220° and prompting in a vertical plane.

For dispersion of liquid chemical reagents neutralised smells on treatment facilities, garbage dumps.

The standard equipment:

  • The frame zinced in the hot way
  • The zinced and enameled conveyor
  • Transmission in the speeds and a neutral pipes from PVC
  • Tank for washing of hands
  • Gun prompting on verticals and turn with direct management from a cabin of a tractor by means of hydraulic system


The sprayer description:

The manufacturer: IDEAL, Italy
Model: SUPRA 400
Serial number: 5312

  • Capacity of the turbine: 45 000 m3/hour
  • Adjustable stream:: 40 - 200 litres
  • Range of dispersion (without a wind)90 metres
  • The size of particles: 10 - 20µ
  • Tank volume:: 400 litres


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