Water-retaining polymers AQUASORBTM

Human activity requires more and more resources, including water, by far the most valuable. Modern agriculture consumes almost two-thirds of the water used in the world. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to search for stored water.

AQUASORB - it vlagouderzhivatel, which is introduced into the soil or material absorbs and retains large amounts of water and nutrients. Unlike most products, absorbing water, AQUASORB tends to track the impact of absorbed water and nutrients, allowing it to plants. This - the function of absorption, called cycles return.


Increases the water holding capacity of the soil for several years. Irrigation frequency can be reduced by 50%.
Reduces the loss of water and nutrients through leaching.
Reduces water evaporation from the soil.
Improves the physical properties of compact soils, increasing aeration.
Increases plant growth. Water and nutrients are always available in the root zone for optimal absorption by plants.
Protects the environment from the effects of drought and pollutants in groundwater.



AQUASORB - is a series of superabsorbent based on an anionic polikrilamida. They are insoluble in water, crosslinked copolymers of acrylamide and potassium acrylate.

AQUASORB -absorb the quantity of distilled water to 500 times their weight, moving to gels.


How does this work

The polymers contain a set of polymer chains parallel to each other. They regularly connected crosslinking agents to form a network. When the water is in contact with one of these chains, it is drawn in the polymer molecule by osmosis. Thus, the water is stored, rapidly migrating into the polymer network. During the drying of the soil, the polymer gives her up to 95%-plated water absorbent.

Changing the amount of cross-linker allows you to modify the polymer network:

The more cross-linked polymer, the more dense grid. This reduces the capacitance, but increases the stability of the polymer in time.
Conversely, less crosslinked polymers form a weak grid. Absorption increases, but resistance is lowered.



AQUASORB effective in growing trees, shrubs and plants. It reduces death due to replanting and increases root development, contributing to faster growth and greater productivity.


Dig a hole of approximately three times larger than the root system.
Mix 1 to 2 kg per 1 m3 AQUASORB land.
The polymer must be evenly mixed with the excavated soil. Leave a small amount of land uncultivated.
Place the root ball of the plant in the hole and fill the hole, the treated soil. Take care that the land is distributed evenly around the roots. Then pour the surface 5 cm of the ground-work necessary to prevent the destruction of the polymer from ultraviolet rays and standing water on the surface.
Be especially careful not to put unmixed dry polymer on the bottom of the pit. After hydration, it can compromise the stability of the plant.

 Recommended products:

  • AQUASORB 3005KM for coarse-grained soils
  • AQUASORB 3005KL for fine-grained soil

Dosage: 1 to 2 kg/m3 soil

Open green

Vlagouderzhateli very easy to use throughout the growth cycle of the grass on lawns and lawns. They ensure good germination, the rapid development of roots and even the growth of grass lawns. Extraction of roots is also very fast. They are widely used for the construction of golf courses and growing grass in parks and gardens.


Pull out, shake off and level the ground, extracted along with the plant.
Spread AQUASORB the soil surface. The polymer can be used alone or mixed with fertilizer for a more even distribution.
Make AQUASORB the soil up to 10 cm in depth. This can be done manually or mechanically with a shovel plow or disc tillers.
Sow grass or lay turf. Roll up the ground for seals.
Use fertilizer when needed.

 Recommended products:



Dosage: от 20 до 50 g/м2 soil


godroposevAQUASORB commonly used in hydroseeding to stabilize the freshly filled up soil. By itself or mixed with cellulose mulch, it helps to keep a minimum of surface water, which quickly germinate seedlings even in dry areas. The growing season is developing smoothly and quickly across the surface finish. Dry spots without grass there.

Another advantage AQUASORB is that cellulose mulch does not cake during dry periods. It is ventilated and allows the seed to germinate quickly. AQUASORB also reduces the amount of mulch.

AQUASORB should be added last in the tank after hydroseeding seed, fertilizer, mulch, etc.
Mix for at least 15 minutes prior to spraying.

The components that are commonly used for the treatment of 1 ha

water 6000-10000 l
seed 200 kg
fertilizer 200-500 kg
colloidal retainer (FLOBOND A30) 3-5 kg
cellulose mulch and AQUASORB 400-1200 kg
10-15 kg

Recommended products:

  • AQUASORB 3005KM oder KC Flobond A30


Processing roots

korniAQUASORB can be used for treatment of the roots to prevent drying of the roots when transplanting or long transportation.

Processing is carried out in the following manner:

Stir AQUASORB with 150-200 liters of water. The number may vary depending on water salinity.
Medley Pour product variables Shivaya water to coating was obtained without falling off the particles.
Leave the plaster to stand for 15 minutes, the time necessary to maximize AQUASORB absorbed water. It is important to get the plaster, which would be completely stuck to the roots. The longer the saturation, the thicker layer of coating and better it is based on the roots.
To protect plants from nematodes and fungi in the preparation of water-soluble nematicides can be added and / or fungicides.

Recommended products:

  • AQUASORB 3005S


Dosage: 1 kg в 150-200 l water

Soil mixes

pochvaAQUASORBAdmixed to the ground, reduces the water shortage. This allows you to have a better root system cuttings and transplanted plants, seedlings grow faster. Frequency of watering is reduced. It is ideal for substrates in containers, hanging and potted plants.

Frequency of watering is usually reduced by 30-50%, in addition, it reduces labor costs and the amount of water used.

AQUASORB evenly mix with the soil. The number must be selected for each type of soil on the water needs, characteristics of plants, cultivation and weather conditions. The general rule is: the more permeable material, the greater the required number AQUASORB.
In such permeable material-ly as bark, wood or coconut fiber, recommended dose of 2 - 3 kg/m3.
In less permeable substrates (peat, compost) the recommended amount in the 1 - 2 kg/m3.

Recommended products:



Dosage: 1 - 3kg/m3

Mixture with fertilizers

In order to reduce leaching of nutrients from the soil, AQUASORB can mix into a dry form in the manufacture of fertilizers. Such a mixture of fertilized plants retain or even increase the harvest. Production results of the experiments show a better development of the roots of plants. There was also a saving of fertilizers by 15-30%.

In the production of fertilizers polymer is added in dry form.

Recommended products:


Dosage: 1 - 5 вес. %

Litter for animals


AQUASORB products can also be used as an additive to feed litter on land cattle farms to replace phosphate-based litter the old generation. This new generation of land for animal bedding has many advantages:

Best comfort for the animals due to a dry environment.
Reduction of odors.
Improving the quality of manure as fertilizer for better fixation of ammonium.
No negative pressure on nature due to the lack of phosphates.

Flower decoration

AQUASORB easy to use for coloring the water in glass containers. AQUASORB granules can increase the use of colored solutions. Aqueous gel is simply placed in a glass container with cut flowers.


Recommended products:

  • AQUASORB 3005KL oder 3005K4

Dosage: 1 kg | 150 l water



AQUASORB shows its effectiveness in large-scale farming, especially during germination and root development, because of the good soil aeration. Because of the retention of rainwater and water sprinkling AQUASORBom increases during drying. This allows some plants to remain viable until an adequate water regime. AQUASORB provides good population and good growth of plants even in moisture-permeable soils.

For example, in sugarcane, which is watered only by rain water, there is a significant increase in yield (about 25%).

When landing in a field, add AQUASORB the furrow, which will be planted sprout cane.
AQUASORB can be used together with fertilizers.
Pour the seeds excavated earth.

Recommended products:

  • AQUASORB 3005KM for coarse-grained soils
  • AQUASORB 3005KLfor fine-grained soil

Dosage: 10 -15 kg/ha

Transportation of cut flowers

AQUASORB in the form of an aqueous gel placed in sealed plastic bags. Frozen bags are often used for transportation of heat sensitive products such as cut flowers. The hydrogel has excellent resistance to thermal shocks and does not start to flow after thawing.

Recommended products:

  • AQUASORB 3005KM или 3005K


Information on the use of the product

Use of the product in a dry or hydrated form:

After hydration of dry product it becomes a transparent gel, greatly increasing in volume.
When the product is mixed with the soil, it is recommended to leave at least 15% of free space in the container. When hydrated substrate could overflow container.
The dry product should not be stored in private. The plant may be damaged after hydration AQUASORB.
Preferably mix the dry product with moist soil or soil.
On the other hand, the hydration product in dry soil it is recommended that it is activated in situ.

Choose the size of the particles:

This is an important factor based on the type of soil.

In general, the smaller the particle size of the polymer, the higher its capacity and absorption rate, and vice versa.
In applying AQUASORB very porous soils (eg, sand, compost), use a small particle size for faster absorption of water.
With dense soils (such as clays) are preferred pellets. They increase soil porosity due to their big increase in volume.
When cooking, use plasters are very small products to achieve adequate protection of root hairs.

Very fine product:

It is recommended to wear a respirator or gauze, as it is very dusty.
If the product is hydrated prior to use, slowly pour the powder into the water. Gently stir to prevent clumping of the particles.

Additional Information:

The higher the water temperature, the faster the absorption AQUASORB.
All product line AQUASORB have high absorption capacity. If the product is sprinkled, do not try to wash it with water. The surface is very slippery. Sweep or vacuum to aspirate.
To clean the equipment, blow compressed air traces of powder.
Avoid contact with eyes and skin (the use of gloves and safety glasses).


Consequences for the environment:

  • Biodegradation
  • The polymer is sensitive to the action of ultraviolet rays, which break the chemical bonds, making the polymer into oligomers (molecules are very small in size). Thus, it becomes much more sensitive to aerobic and anaerobic microbial degradation processes.
  • Consequently, AQUASORB itself decomposes in the soil (up to 10-15% per year) for CO2, H2O and nitrogen compounds.
  • Bioaccumulation
  • The polymer is too huge to be absorbed into cells and tissues of plants. Therefore, the potential of the bion-accumulation is zero.
  • The period of performance AQUASORB field varies from one year to five years, depending on the particle size and agro-climatic conditions.


AQUASORB products show no systematic toxicity (LD50 for rats> 5000 mg / kg).
AQUASORB approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of France (APV № 8410030). Products under our brands in the U.S. are also approved by the Department of Agriculture.
For more information, to cope with the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Тechnical data



Ministry of Agriculture
economy of France
Resolution № 8410030

Crosslinked copolymer of acrylamide and potassium acrylate

The dry product


Apparent density


Specific gravity

1,10 g/cm3
pH 8.10


Dry - white powder, Hydrated - clear gel

Particle size

Powders, microspheres, beads

Masimum absorption g/g

400/150 в почве

Moisture retaining pF 1

980 ml/l

Return water pF 4.2


Cation exchange capacity

4,6 meq / g


For substrates: 1-2 g/l
For soil: 20-50 g/m3

Productivity of the soil

Up to 5 years

Toxicity in the soil

None under normal conditions


25 kg plastik bag
50 pound paper bag

Storage temperature


The half-life of the dry product

5 years

* These depend on the size of the polymer particles

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