The automated quality assurance of water in the Southern zone

Installations of the automated quality assurance of water (АСККВ) in structure it is hardware a program complex (agrarian and industrial complex) take root in the Southern zone of water supply of St.-Petersburg of State Unitary Enterprise «Water canal of St.-Petersburg».

Installations АСККВ are developed on the basis of multipurpose controller Hach Lange sc1000 with built in GSM the modem. The given controller has possibility of connection to eight gauges, and built in GSM the modem allows to transfer the information removed from gauges in online a mode, without use of wire systems of an information transfer. Also installations have internal piping and the electric scheme of connections which in aggregate with the controller allow easily and additionally establish two-three additional gauges. At the moment according to wishes of the customer following parametres are measured: turbidity, рН, electroconductivity, the general iron, aluminium, the general organic carbon, chromaticity, rigidity and ammonium nitrogen.

Established on thirty control points of the Southern zone of water supply, such as the Southern waterworks, step-up pump stations and water measured knots of installation АСККВ allow to carry out continuous monitoring of quality of water, since an exit from station of water preparation and finishing the end user. The information on the measured parametres is transferred in online a mode by means of closed GSM a communication channel in the central dispatching office of branch «Water canal of St.-Petersburg». State Unitary Enterprise «Water canal of St.-Petersburg». The information arriving from installations АСККВ allows to react operatively to change of quality of water, and also to trace a site on which there were changes.

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