The mobile system for static dehydration in geotextile pipes - Ecotrain®

Ecotrain® intends for dehydration polluted шламов, lagoons, and also river and sea ground adjournment. System Ecotrain placed in the 20-foot container, includes one or several stations of preparation of polymer, proportioning mixing system for creation of a mix from polymer and шлама. thumb_FLOCTAINER-1

1 - Big Bag or container IBC; 2 - Station of preparation of a solution of polymer of 2 % productivity of 30 kg/hour from a powder, granulated material or emulsion; 3 - the Buffer tank on 2000 litres;; 4 - the Dosing out pump for polymer productivity till 8 m3/hour; 5 - solid and expense Measurement; 6 - the Built in mixer for optimum mixing with polymer

Performance data

The maximum productivity on slime 500 m3/hour
Preparation of polymer in the form of a powder max. 40 kg/hour
Polymer preparation in the form of an emulsion max. 150 l/hour
Concentration of a polymeric solution (WS) from 0,1 to 2,0 %
Input of a polymeric solution from 0,2 till 8,0 m3/hour


  • Dispensing is proportional to a solid (TS) and to volume
  • Any problems with combination - System "all in one"
  • Possibility remote management through the interface of the tyre of digital transmission of data Profibus DP of firm "Siemens""
  • System "on a turn-key basis" - minimum time prior to the beginning of work
  • Economy of water to 90 %


Modular designs can be calculated even on very sick expense of slime (till 2000 m3/hour)

Clearing of bottom precipititation

Application Ecotrain® with use of system Watermaster and geotextile pipes.

1 - Dehydrated slimes; 2 - System Watermaster;
3 - System Ecotrain® «all in one»; 4 - Geotextile pipes

Clearing rowing and ship canals


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