Sludge treatment by method of static dewatering Geotech®


The technology of dehydration of a deposit is based by a method of static dehydration Geotech® on application of so-called "geopipes". The essence of technology Geotech® consists that any kind deposits are pumped over in huge textile bag SoilTain® from a special fabric from which the liquid leaves a method gravimetric drainage and pressure that leads to dehydration of a deposit and corresponding reduction of its volume. After full filling of a bag the dehydrated weight which has remained in it can be utilized, or reclamate with use of existing technologies. And efficiency of dehydration can be essentially raised with use of polymer flocculant. Technology Geotech® can be applied to dehydration of a deposit of sewage water both municipal, and the industrial enterprises when division of firm and liquid fractions in great volumes is required.

Static dehydration is based on application of textile bags of "geopipes" from specially developed materials of firm Huesker.

The solid maintenance on an input:

1,5-5 % (increase of norms probably depending on type and a consistence of a deposit and a polymer solution).

The solid maintenance on an exit:

From 20 to 30 % (after filling and a drainage), definitive dehydration depends on a storage time and deposit type.


Work principle

  • Any kind deposit, if necessary passed preliminary processing, is pumped over in a textile bag
  • Method of gravimetric drainage and pressure the deposit is dehydrated and decreases in volume
  • The water-permeable fibre keeps firm substances


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Dehydration process

4 stages of process of dehydration in system Geotech®
1. Filling 2. Dehydration 3. Consolidation 4. Recycling
The textile bag in pipe form filled with preliminary prepared deposit The water-permeable fabric passes water, but keeps firm particles The deposit is condensed owing to dehydration Recycling, burning or remediation of the dehydrated deposit
Dehydration process repeats until the bag will not be completely filled 3
On an internal surface of a material of a bag it is formed filtrational cake


Filling of bags Geotech®


Drainage process in bag SoilTain®


Bag SoilTain® without a depositem>


Substrate material


Filled bag SoilTain®


Deposit homogenization

Mobile technological complex on dehydration of a crude deposit of sewage water on the basis of installation EcoTrain®

Installation EcoTrain® consists of 4 modules in container execution:

  • The module of giving of a deposit;
  • The module of preparation and giving of solutions flocculants;
  • The module of mixing of a deposit with a solution of flocculant;
  • The module of dispensing of auxiliary substances ( a reagent for removal of heavy metals, the stabilizer) and managements EcoTrain®


Advantages of installation EcoTrain®:

  • Offered to use in the module of mixing of a deposit with a solution of flocculant a proprietary system TWIN MiXj allows to carry out cavitational homogenization of a deposit with the subsequent highly effective contact interaction with a solution of flocculant. System TWIN MiXj allows to achieve high degree of dehydration of a deposit at use of geotextile materials;
  • Homogeneous mixing at the expense of polymer introduction in volume of a deposit in the form of a film through a crack of the blade of system Flocmaster® (proprietary working out J.F. Knauer industrie-electronik);
  • Possibility of considerable economy of flocculant to 20 % at the expense of effective technology of linear hashing;
  • Possibility of use of 1% solution of flocculant, that in 10 times reduces consumption of water for dissolution and considerably reduces power inputs..

Each module of installation can be used as in a complex, and separately and is mounted at will of the customer in any place.

Reagent deposit processing allows to receive a deposit of 4th class of danger.

Flocculated the deposit moves further on static dehydration.

The mobile complex can be supplied by an independent supply and be used in remote territories. Technological lines now are issued by productivity to 200 m3 a deposit/hour.

Advantages of a mobile technological complex on dehydration of a crude deposit of sewage water on the basis of installation EcoTrain®:

  • Absence of capital construction;
  • Continuous technological process;
  • Mobility;
  • The decision of problems in the absence of technological water;
  • Reception of the filtrate corresponding to requirements of dump on treatment facilities;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Low operational expenses;
  • Uniform distribution of financial expenses to all period of realisation of the project;
  • Reception of ecologically safe product;
  • Possibility of performance of works in terms convenient for the customer.

The given technology is realized now on State Unitary Enterprise range Novoselki «Water canal of St.-Petersburg».

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